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An Arts & Humanities Adventure

four books stacked on their sides, pages visible

You are a researcher in the Classics department. As part of your current research project, you have become interested in the life of a woman called Fabrica Collaborare, who lived in Roman Britain.

There’s not much written specifically about Fabrica, but you have seen her name mentioned in several texts from that time. You are not looking forward to the task of having to look at lots more texts to find out where Fabrica - and the Collaborare family - are mentioned.

two women sitting at a table drinking coffee

On your way out of the library to get a cup of coffee, you meet your colleague Priya, and tell her about your problem. She tells you about a group at the university who might be able to help. You haven’t heard of the RSE team before: Priya tells you that ‘RSE’ stands for Research Software Engineering, and that their office is in room 20.21.